FEARCast 121 – The Johnny Whitetrash Show

The FYFC Crew (MDIFear & Razar) gather ’round the desk for a wild episode of FEARCast! We have to awesome pleasure of chatting in person with Johnny Whitetrash & OMGWTFHUNEY!

In this Episode…..

  • Getting nailed with copy right infringement on our apparel!
  • Dead Mau5’s coffee run & Rob Ford
  • We go full Canadian and chat hockey!
  • Wait Russell is… a ginger, black, jew?
  • We talk about Trump, like everyone is anymore.
  •  FUCK GOD! Happy Zombie Jesus Day bitches!
  • We talk about all the Fucked up dreams we’ve had!
  • We chat about the bitcoin dip!
  • We do a live Hot Sauce tasting!
  • All that and more!

Johnny’s Social:
– Website
– YouTube
– Twitter
– Facebook


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Music Featured in this episode:

1) Our Last Enemy – FEARCast Theme


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