FEARCast 114 – Team Fetch

Fear sits down with the rest of Team Fetch (Mandy, Ro & Iams) to catch up with each other and mayhem ensues!

  • Start the show off with a shout out to B Rob, and some racism!
  • What is MoviePass?
  • Pissing in the theatre!
  • Ro Knows the World of Ro debacle
  • Trying to get interactions… the Podcaster’s biggest issue.
  • Guest driven podcasts, just do the things.
  • How metal is FEARCast?!?
  • “Thoughts and Prayers”
  • Ro takes a knee in support… of, stuff. 
  • Giving Stan Lee head… just do it!
  • The Oscars, and women taking over.
  • The difference between Twitter and Facebook!
  • We tear apart Batman and his stupid voice!
  • We talk about movies we love, whats going on with Disney and Marvel!
  • Fear has resting DICK face.
  • Playing some Call Of Duty : WWII on XboxOne!
  • We show some love for our boy Clint!
  • We tease FEARCast J!
  • All that and more!

Music Featured in this episode:

1) Our Last Enemy – FEARCast Theme

 Bumpers Featured in this episode:

1) Roman Pod And Cast


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