FEARCast 113 – FEARCast J’s Holiday Horror

Fear sits down with FEARCast J to chat about some fantastic holiday horror movies you should check out this year!


  • We are over winter, bring on the sunshine!
  • Are you a fan of nog?
  • Net Neutrality in the USA… idiots.
  • Where do people that work in the oil fields go to die?
  • We play the song of the week: Our Last Enemy – Spitfire (The Prodigy Cover)

  • We start chatting Holiday Horror with Krampus!
  • The pros and cons to A Christmas Horror Story
  • One of the first and best slasher films, Black Christmas!
  • The controversial movie Gremlins. Where does it stand with you?
  • We glaze over The Santa Clause trilogy, and other Holiday Horror films we haven’t seen.
  • With the buying of Fox there are many new Disney princesses!
  • All that and more!

The Man in the Rabbit Mask:

 Music Featured in this episode:

1) Our Last Enemy – FEARCast Theme
2) Our Last Enemy- Spitfire (The Prodigy Cover)

 Bumpers Featured in this episode:

1) The Whonan Show 
2) The Mike Jolitz Show


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