FEARCast 110 – Halloween Horror Chat with Alex

Fear sits down with his daughter Alex to talk a bit about her getting into horror movies, Halloween and lots more! Check it out!

  • We talk about being a kid and starting to get into horror movies
  • We talk about John Carpenter’s Halloween, does it hold up?
  • One of Fear’s fav anthologies Trick ‘r Treat!
  • Check out #FEARCast31 to find out what horror films Fear is watching!
  • Parenting with Fear 101… not for everyone.
  • Fear’s kids are polar opposites, and that’s awesome!
  • Alex is mini Fear, down to the doodles during school. 
  • Bridging the horror gap from Hocus Pocus to real horror!
  • Alex is bed ridden, and can’t do Halloween this year. 
  • Halloween and Life when Fear was young compared to now.
  • Becoming a YouTuber, and this new creative world we live in!
  • Things you can’t say, and why does anyone care about what I have to say
  • Just do it… it’s that simple. Do the things
  • Favourite Halloween candy?
  • The Alberta weather!
  • After Halloween… comes Alex’s birthday… then Christmas!!
  • All that and more!

 Music Featured in this episode:

1) Our Last Enemy – FEARCast Theme

 Bumpers Featured in this episode:

1) The Whonan Show 
2) Roman Pod And Cast


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