FEARCast 107 – Masculo-Dominant Self Diversion

FEAR sits down with the one and only Scotty Shooz to shoot the shit, and they get a visit from Clint!

  • After Scotty trying to get his bearing with technology, the show gets rollin!
  • Did Justin Trudeau pass C16? And what does it mean?
  • Are kids these days obsessed with pronouns and sex identification?
  • We talk about the recent influx of racism and politics behind it.
  • Whatever happened to having fun?
  • Parents being friends instead of being parents…
  • Are we not being tough enough on our kids? Life can be shitty, can they handle it?
  • Fear is loses a fight with Facebook
  • Is Trump the biggest smoke screen to enter the oval office?
  • Let’s talk about Satan’s Taint!
  • The Big 4!
  • How concerts have changed…
  • Scotty can’t technology… 
  • Scotty’s cat ruined his orgasm!
  • The lord of the rings journey for porn!
  • We are joined by a hairy bastard! Beard comparison time!
  • We get the story of Scotty Shooz!
  • What the fuck is a She-shed??
  • “Wait… are we recording?” – Clint
  • Now Dr. Fear has to counsel this crazy couple!
  • All hell breaks out… 

 Music Featured in this episode:

1) Our Last Enemy – FEARCast Theme


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