FEARCast 103 – 90’s Horror with Mandy Osipenko

FEAR chills with Mandy Osipenko, host of LittleGeekLost & The PIE Cast, and chat about some good ol’ 90’s horror films!

 In this episode we talk about:
– Mandy joins the ranks of the being 1 of like 5 females to be on FEARCast
– Let’s talk some 90’s Horror!
– First up we have The Faculty! Joey goes bad ass, or… tries…
– What about a Dawson’s Creek reboot?
– Mandy hates remakes! With a Passion.
– Fear hates the Cabin Fever remake. With a Passion.
– What gave us nightmares as kids?
– Don’t clap at podcasters!
– Next movie: I Know What You Did Last Summer
– Cleaning up crabs, making up the story line as it goes while always being 
– Urban Legend: From 90’s hair dye jobs, bad sex puns and more!
– FEAR let’s everyone know he’s team Jacob.
– Did Urban Legend spark the SAW movies?
– How do you ruin a suicide?
– We are both Anti Animal killing. Kill all the humans. #NotMyMichael
– Next movie: Idle Hands
– FEAR loved it! Mandy… liked it.
– It’s just the right amount of cheese and gore!
– Even if you cut a guys hand off.. it will still grab a titty
– And then one of, if not the best 90’s horror movie: Scream
– Does Ghostface have a place in the slasher hall of fame?
– Fear’s crush on Jamie Lee Curtis
– Fear gets lost looking for Sam the Sham & The Pharaohs
– How funny was Matthew Lillard at the end of Scream??
– Top 100 Horror films from the ’90’s
– We chat about The Blair Witch Project.
– Rob Zombie refuses to play with Fear’s dick.
– Big shout out to the other members of #TeamFetch Roel Santos jr & Shawn IAMs

Mandy’s Links:
LittleGeekLost Website
– LittleGeekLost – twitter
– The PIE Cast – twitter
The PIE Cast Website


Music Featured in this episode:

1) Our Last Enemy – FEARCast Theme
2) FEAR’s 5 Theme (Shout Out to Robbie K)
3) Nickelback – Photograph
4) The Flys – Got You (Where I Want You)
5) Class of 99′ ~ Another Brick In The Wall (Pink Floyd Cover)
7) Sam the Sham & The Pharaohs – Little Red Riding Hood
8) Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Red Right Hand


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