FEARCast 101 – James D. Schumacher III (Pt. 1 – The Ending)

FEAR sit down with three time guest and friend, James D. Schumacher III. This episode gets very deep with the recent passing of James’s father. This is not a normal interview show, but an important one. Take a min and hug those around you that you cherish, with how fragile humanity is it could always be the last time. 

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 In this episode we talk about:
– James’ parents always wanted his children to follow their dream, not work for others.
– What photography meant to James’ dad.
– The Schumacher Weekly…
– From reading, playing video games and movies James’ dad sparked his creativity
– “Pain fuels my art…” 
– When you are young and naive and think you know everything, but you are totally wrong.
– The battle of being a dad, and being away from his family
– You Don’t know what you have, until its gone…
– James starts to put some of the pieces together.
– The connection with James’ father & his film “The Astronaut
– We head deep into his fathers decline in health
– We talk about the final moments with his father


Music Featured in this episode:

1) Our Last Enemy – FEARCast Theme


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