FEARCast 100 – Mike Jolitz

FEAR gets nostalgic with one of the old dogs of #PodernFamily, Mike Jolitz!

 In this episode we talk about:
– Mike jumps right into the sexy fire with FaceTime sex
– We find out whats going on with The Mike Jolitz Show
– The podcasters curse… “Is it worth it?”
– Taking some time to breathe.
– FEAR makes an announcement about FYFCast…
– Inspiring people is such a weird thing
– The sugar addiction is REAL
– Remember who is going to be for you in a years time
– We chat some horror! Midnight Meat Train, Devil’s Domain and more!
– Somehow we end up talking about Star Wars 
– FEAR tells the story of Calgary Horror Con
– We talk about getting our kids into horror and our first horror movies
– We chat about new horror coming out later this year
– The Nickelback rebuttal, and kicking rock music in the ass!
– Mike’s new obsession with the Musical.ly app


Fear’s Five….or uh.. Four it seems I can’t Count!

— Is there any band that you regret you didn’t get to see live?
— What’s the best concert you’ve ever been too?
— What classic movie monster would you be?
— Who would play you in your bio pic?


Music Featured in this episode:

1) Our Last Enemy – FEARCast Theme


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