Dwell in Horror – Devoured EP

So here is band that I hold dear, as the Kuizenga brothers are some of my best friends. They released an EP on Halloween and asked me to review it. Sorry it took so long, head over to their Bandcamp to pick up a copy for $5! The review is a little choppy as I wrote it while listening, causing an idea vomit approach.

The Unleashing – Comes out of the gate with this slow menacing build up. It has a riff reminding me of classic Nu-Metal in the ’90’s with a hint of some new age coming through. It has a great build up but then pulls away. I really wanted it to kick in and crush. Even if as it kicked in it became the beginning of the next song.

Dwell in Horror – Song begins with a nice chase riff… think of a Lamb of God drum beat mixed with a Mudvayne bridge. Then the verse drops off, light and airy. I love Chris’s vocal sound… but not here. To me this screams for some cleans. I think it was a miss. But the Dez Fafara –esq style in the pre-verse brings me right back into it! And the solo is great, a little out-of-place, but only because the drums didn’t match IMO. If they were slowed down a bit to let the guitar really breathe it would be fantastic. The vocal effects at around 4:20 are actually pretty fun, and I am curious what it would have sounded like had that effect been used on the verse say over a talking rasp.

Devoured – This song kicks in fucking perfect! Well paced in the beginning, effects are sick. “I’LL RIP YOUR SOUL OUT!” Sets the tone, and the bass boom kills. The first two lines in the verse… NOW THAT is the range Chris needs to stay. I love that fucking raspy, deep growl that is really effective. Keep it low and dirty. Backing vocals are sick, should have been used more and the outro is great. Easily my favourite song on the EP. It reminds me of The Acacia Strain.

Invisible – This tune is groovy and even though I didn’t like it first run through, it started to grow on me. The verse is very “Liar – Rollin’s Band” which is a very underrated favourite of mine. There are a couple little drum fills that I liked, some tom action; more would have been fantastic. Finally the solo gets to breathe! I would have even left it without the vocals and really let the shred fly. Song ends very strong.

The Suffering – Very nice instrumental. The only part I wasn’t a super fan of was the drums. I know it was all-electric so it can’t be as experiment as a real drummer. I was always very spoiled when it came to drumming so I would have loved to see more experimentation with them. The constant double kick would sometimes pull me out of this fantastic atmosphere that was being created. There are some amazing layers in there. The high wail noise is haunting.

Over All: I think this is a great start and awesome first EP. There are some elements that I think if they tweak will help tighten and completely define their sound. I thought the mixing was excellent. Everything was clean and came through clear. It has pieces that remind me of Acacia Strain and then it flips to Coal Chamber and a mash of more. It’s got my stamp approval! Can’t wait to hear what you guys come up with next.

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