Douchebag of the day!

Razar and I went out to grab a bite to eat at Wackarnolds yesterday. We were following behind a guy in a Lincoln navigator who pulled out I front of me like a jackass. We joked he was going to the same place as us and he was in a hurry. Sure enough he was! He was in such a hurry he smashed over the curb. I honestly thought he was going to drive right through the damn front of the store! He gets out, leaving both passenger side wheels up on the curb. I had to take a pic. That’s not where it stops, he proceeds to lock the vehicle and hits the automatic start. I’m thinking, “well he is in a hurry, makes sense to leave it running.” But why didn’t he just go through the drive thru? He’s in front of us in line. He seems to frantically check on the Lincoln while waiting for his meal. Then he proceeds to GO SIT DOWN! He ate his entire meal with the vehicle running. It must have been a work vehicle. What a douche.

~ Fear