Do you remember playing The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)?

SO I came across a hilarious video from the folks that do the “react” videos. If you are a gamer, this might be the best thing you watch all day. It also helps that Maisie Williams from Game of Thrones as a guest teen. After watching the show I totally forgot she’s only 17! **spoiler alert** She killed the hound! Check this out:

Now I didn’t own the NES, but I played it quite a bit. At the time it was fucking amazing! It’s funny looking back at the brick of a console. Now it is all about sleek design and functionality. Back then it was only about the game and entertaining folks. And it changed everything. I know you can go back before the NES to consoles like Atari and so on BUT, the NES was the first that jumped into every home and changed the face of gaming.

With that said I was shocked that the teens had no idea what it was. With THAT said, I feel old. LOL. Honestly though, why would they know unless they are really into gaming or a giant nerd.. like me. Watching them do the POWER BLOW to get the games to work brought back a flood of memories of good times, playing that frustrating bastard! And When they start talking about how everything is about “instant gratification” now, that the NES wouldn’t survive this day in age was so bang on. I have had NES emulators on computers I have owned, or on a Wii just to play some of the old games.

Good times!