Disneynature's Bears – A Review


Hey misfits,

So one thing you find out about me, is that as much as I love horror movies I really love high def documentaries. I find animals so fascinating. Possibly even more then humans. With that said I saw a preview for Disneynature’s Bears. At first I thought it was just Disney trying to capitalize on all the amazing documentaries that the BBC have been putting out for years now.

Little did I know that this is like the 10th instalment in the series. I am looking into getting African Cats and Chimpanzee. And next year there is another one coming out about monkeys! I can’t wait! Bears follows a momma bear and her two little babies on the journey of their first year of year of life. It is an amazing flick to watch if you have little ones. My daughter cuddled up with the wifey and I and watched the whole thing. And she LOVED it! It also helps that John C. Reilly is that narrator. He does an excellent job, lots of laughs and with the bears its absolutely adorable.

Check it out for sure!