DIME – 10 Years later

As my alarm went off this morning this is the song that was playing. A smile crept across my face before my eyes even opened. The irony that out of all the songs programmed into my alarm.. PANTERA would play, sent a crazy metal warmth over me. I thought that I would be upset as it was 10 years ago one of the greatest musicians and arguably greatest people was taken from us. Normally I jump out of bed and into the shower as soon as the alarm rings. I laid in bed for the entire song.

I still listen to Pantera daily. They just had that.. something special that other bands don’t. When you heard them, you just knew that shit was about to get wild. I still remember the day I heard it had happened. We were living in London, Ont on Edenridge Dr. A friend of mine sent me a message on MSN messenger (it was all the rage back then lol) “DUDE DIMEBAG IS DEAD!!” I think I went into shock. I started running around the house yelling for everyone to come up to the computer room. We all sat there reading posts and videos from the news.

It was devastating. I remember being so mad and so sad at the same time. All over someone I didn’t even know. It’s amazing how something like music can touch us in such a crazy way. It doesn’t just speak to your ears, it gets in your soul. It can play with the chemistry of your being and connect with you in a way not many other things can. It allows you to find a voice, even if you don’t have one. It creates a community of like-minded folks that would normally shut themselves away… but now they weren’t alone. Metal is a crazy community. Especially now with all the different subgenres, factions, millions of new bands each year, constant bitching and moaning on internet message boards. No matter how divided there was always Pantera. I haven’t met anyone that couldn’t give props to that band. They had the street cred, and talent and broke down the barriers between old and new school metal.

I have spent the last hour looking over articles online and remembering Dime. One article from Billboard and it said “Ten years after his death, it’s increasingly clear he was more than a game-changer — in fact, he may have been the last guitar god.” Man that rings out. It’s true. I have said on multiple occasions that the metal scene just isn’t the same. Sure it marched on, and there are some great bands out there. But no one plays guitar like that man. Hell if you go back and listen to any 80’s metal/hair metal bands. All those dudes could shred. Even the shittiest bands had a slick as fuck axe men. People don’t learn their instruments like they used to. Dime was a guy that constantly learned. Even though he was so good. Listen to each album. Each time there was something different. You could tell that his guitar was part of him. He was always striving to improve. To better himself and his art.

I know I’m babbling… and yeah I could go on all day. I could keep posting Dime’s music over and over. There’s just so many damn good songs. It’s going to be a Pantera day. Unfortunately I am at work, but you better believe I’ll be having a black tooth grin when I get home in honor of the man. Click the links and enjoy some of the greatest metal to ever be put on the planet. RIP Darrell Lance Abbott. There will never be another like you, but you gave us something to bang our heads to and pound our chest.