“Deet ‘n Bax Save Th World” – A Film Review




Name: Deet ‘n Bax Save Th World (2015)
Genre: Stoner Comedy
Rating: 4/10

I am a MASSIVE fan of Jason Mewes and when I heard he had a project coming out I was super excited for it. As thing slowly leaked out my hopes started to rise. The cover reminded me of Mallrats, it had him and a dude with a beard smoking weed… I was in.

Then there was silence, and I never heard any more about it. I thought it was gone in the air like a bong rip. Then out of the blue director Diablo Dean just happen to reach out. So I finally got to sit down and watch the flick. Strap in, this one is a trip.

I’m not going to lie, every 15 mins or so I had to ask myself “What the fuck am I watching?” And here’s why… As a whole the movie has some great things going for it, but it also has a bunch of  getting in its own way. Now if this had a script, I am sure it was written on Denny’s napkins and more than likely with crayon. To me it seemed super ad-libbed, which some actors can do and it brings a feeling of realism that only they can bring. And there were some funny parts. But I found a few scenes I would I have yelled cut 2-3 times before they did and it would have totally helped the flow of the movie. Like the scene with Deet shoving the BBC up Bax’s ass. Made me laugh, but just how many times did we have to see Mewes pretend push it up there. And unless Bax is a gap champ, that should have torn him up hard. Motherfucker would be sitting on pillows for weeks, certainly not saving the world. 

Aside from some editing and writing issues, there were some good things going on. Whoever was in charge of the gore and special effects did a damn good job. There wasn’t a lot of it, but things like the guy that came himself to death, and buddies toes that they were interrogating… really well done. There are some horror movies that can’t make it look that real. The cinematographer and lighting were all relatively on point too. The fight scenes are great with the slo-mo and there are some laugh out loud funny parts. 

Let’s work our way over to the acting. Mewes is Mewes. I think the ad-libbing needed to be reigned in and it would have been a normal performance for him. Craig Michaelson did a great job being a completely disgusting person and even though there were a couple of scenes with Weston Cage chewing the scenery, there were also some that he fucking killed. I can’t wait to see more from Cage. All the ladies were topless and fantastic. It was a fun cat and mouse game. They would show some tits, then they would show something shit related. It was almost like “Hey, do you like these breasts? HOW ABOUT SOME SHIT!” Awkward boners for all!

I don’t know if this movie is better high, but it couldn’t hurt. Like Diablo said when he reached out: “Deet ‘n Bax is intentionally rough, raw and B-tastically flawed.” I have so many questions, I feel like Diablo needs to come on FEARCast for chat. Would I watch it again? Probably not. Would I watch a polish sequel? Absolutely! And here’s why. I could see deep down what they were striving to make. With some honing these guys could be the update stoner vs Scooby Doo or Abbott and Costello. Bumbling fools that save the day. Time will tell. Hit me with your thoughts.

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