“Death Pool” – A Film Review

“Death Pool” – A Film Review

Form Traplight Pictures comes “Death Pool”, the story of aqua-phobia, narcissistic rage, and the cold reality of how the western world can praise and support even the most horrendous of characteristics.

Johnny Taylor, a young man with seemingly little to offer and down on his luck, discovers his inner demon. After the near fatal attack he suffered from a sadistic babysitter at a very young age, Johnny has been struggling with aqua-phobia for his entire adult life, that is until he realizes that the only thing there is to fear in the water… is him. Johnny learns that he has a unique need, a fetish if you will, for drowning young, beautiful women in an attempt to provide himself with some sort of sociopath closure to the trauma he endured as a child. Through a series of violent and emotionally aggressive attacks, Johnny becomes a man on the run, a local celebrity, and a text book serial killer without sympathy, empathy, or remorse. Put your life preserver on, it’s about to get very, very wet in here.

Randy Wayne(Lights Out, Hellraiser: Judgment) stars in this intense journey as he takes us on this ride with him and really pulls the viewer into the scene. Wayne portrays this character with class, almost as if he was playing the same character for the 10th time, he just knows the role. It was astonishing to see him go from fragile and terrified to cold and unhinged in the blink of an eye. Honestly, he fit the bill perfectly and simply did an amazing job.

Demetrius Stear(Evil Nanny) co-stars as Johnny’s best friend, Brandon, who quickly learns of Johnny’s secret and not only condones his actions but supports and encourages him along the way. To be blunt, this was a home run for Stear. It becomes incredibly difficult to not let his character overshadow the star in nearly every scene he was in because he was just that damn awesome. There was a smoothness to the way he plays the part, like an old friend that makes you smile every time he comes to visit. Perhaps it was the laid back, Californian approach that made his timing and technique so cool, calm, and collected. Again, another amazing performance.

Written and Directed by Jared Cohn(Devil’s Domain, Hold Your Breath) and executed with the same style and flare that fans of his work have come to know and love. This guy knows the craft, but more then that he actually broadens it, he makes the viewers sympathetic to the antagonist and that is no easy task. “Devil’s Domain” was recently declared one of the best indie horror movies of the year, and “Death Pool” can happily walk hand in hand with it through the valley of death. Dive in..

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