Deadpool | Red Band Trailer – I’m Touching Myself Later

We have all been waiting with baited breath to see what this movie was actually going to turn out like. The test footage that started it always was so damn good it exploded the internet and created the buzz that help to get this flick made. Now we get a real trailer! Does it hold our attention? Let’s watch.

You are god damn right it does! Wow. I AM touching myself later! Colossus looks fucking awesome! Deadpool is trending to be THE Marvel movie to watch next year. I know there are more up their sleeves, but this one is a long time coming. And maybe we can let Green Lantern slide… maybe. I can’t wait! Thoughts? Hit me up on twitter or!

There is also a Green Band Trailer… which after you watch the Red Band is FUCKING HILARIOUS! Check it out!