DC Show – Drinkognito

Hey all you crazy misfits! FYFC crew has been very busy today as you can see!

Here is the link to the new episode of Lights Out Radio featuring King Dylan and GQ from The DC Show! The boys are back and give us a little taste of their new album “Drinkognito”. Make sure you listen to the whole show as there are 2 live performances and there is even a DEBUT of their title track from the album! I know you are pumped for that. Don’t lie… Seriously its fucking awesome!

We are going to have these guys back again very soon when the disc drops. Hopefully we can get them all together and really pick their brains, now that we have heard a couple tracks. I am very excited for this release can’t wait to be bumping it in the truck.

Thanks so much to The DC Show for stopping by! And thanks to everyone that is getting their POD on here at FYFC.ca . Look for the videos of the live performances as they will be up shortly.