Calgary Horror Con (#7) 2017!!


What’s up everyone?! A couple weeks ago we had the amazing opportunity to go to the 7th annual Calgary Horror Con! First of all I want to thank the man behind it all, Dan Doherty and his fantastic team of ghouls! Everyone we talked to was awesome!

It was my first ever con and I had no idea what to expect. So day one we filmed a couple panels, and roamed around taking pictures and taking it all in. We did one “on the street” styled interview and planed on doing more on day 2. That’s when things fell apart for us.

You can hear the whole story on FEARCast 100. The short version is we did the John Kassir panel (an absolute dream come true. I used to watch Tales from The Crypt growing up and wanted the Keeper to be my best friend!), after the panel we went to lunch and Razar started spitting up blood. It was crazy and scary. He’s all good now, but at the time it was crazy and he ended up in the hospital for a week. 

The upside, he’s good… the downside, we didn’t get to film soooo much of the stuff we wanted to. Day 2 was going to be all the silly interviews and interactions. We did get a couple of awesome panels. recorded, which you can see below! Next year we want to come back with a vengeance! More videos, more coverage, maybe a booth, who knows! Hopefully our movie CLICKS will be ready, and we will be able to talk Dan into showing it!

Sorry it took so long to get this stuff out. After everything went down we really slowed down production so that we could focus on our health. Now that we are feeling better, we are starting to ramp up production on our film, and the next couple months are going to be INSANE, but awesome! Thanks for sticking around, we will continue to bring the funny, the horror, and the metal for your faces!

Check out the links below for some very interesting conversations!

Until next time… run along kiddies!


Tales From The Crypt Panel:

Troma Panel:

Gremlins Panel: