“Blood & Gourd” – A Comic Book Review

Blood and Gourd – A Comic Book Review

Over the years comic books have become so much more than the original funny pages once found between newspaper articles. It’s a world of intense intrigue, fanboy phenomena, cosplay, and an absolute culture in it’s own right that must not be taken lightly.

Dead Peasant Presents “Blood & Gourd”, a classic tale of mad science, occult terror, childish adolescence, and retro slasher gore all compiled into a compelling and modern platform with a healthy dose of horror capable of keeping a fan of the genre intrigued.

Centralized in a small farming community, there is a pumpkin farm that has spanned several generations but is now, due to financial struggle, forced to sell to a deranged, ideological mad man who is more of a right-hand-man to an occult, demonic presence, than an actual scientist. The supporting characters are classic, perhaps cliche, but with all the best intentions and done with classical finesse. The children, the farm hands, the heartbreaking Father-Daughter relationship, and all the other fly by characters are done precisely to their involvement in the story, none over or under utilized.. This porridge was just right.

Between the 1st and 2nd issues the reader is granted the opportunity to get lost in nostalgia, to be swept back to he early days of slasher horror when characters like Jason Voorhees were still wearing potato sack masks. However, as quickly as the homage is paid it is torn away and replaced with modern imaging, and the attention to detail that today’s reader expects and is dependent upon in the digital age of 1080p..

Above all else this is an entertaining and solid read, not necessarily a front runner for the New York Times Best Seller List, but certainly an excellent piece of culture fiction that absolutely keeps the bloody murder magic in all our horror-soaked hearts pumping with intrigue.

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