“Bleed for This” – A Film Review

“Bleed for This” – A Film Review

This is the true life story of World Champion Boxer, Vinny Pazienza, who throughout the late 1980’s and early 1990’s earned himself an impressive career in the Lightweight and Light Middleweight divisions of the one of the worlds most infamously aggressive and brutal sports. Shortly after winning the Junior Middleweight World Title, Vinny found himself the victim of a life-altering car crash that broke his neck and put him at incredible risk of never walking again, let alone having an opportunity to bump fists with another in-ring competitor ever again. Ignoring the wishes of his family, disobeying the doctor’s orders, and blatantly disregarding all the odds stacked against him, Vinny “Paz” began his own form of rehabilitation and began not only training for competition, but proved that with determination, dexterity, and the inability to admit defeat, he was able to claim the title of what is known as the greatest comeback in boxing history. Written and Directed with vision and precision by Ben Younger(Boiler Room).

Assuming the role of Vincent Pazienza is non other than Miles Teller(Fantastic Four, War Dogs). This young, ambitious, and formidable character actor claimed this role in a way that would be hard to imagine anyone else capable of doing. From dinner with the family, to “dancing” in the ring, to retelling the inconceivable pain and struggle that Paz endured, Teller owned this role, and at the risk of sounding cliche, he gave the viewers a complete TKO. Bravo Miles, Bravo…

Aaron Eckart(The Dark Knight, Thank You for Smoking) joins alongside as Paz’s trainer, Kevin Rooney, a man with a long and note-worthy career both in the ring and behind the ropes as the early trainer for “Iron” Mike Tyson. To say that Eckhart was phenomenal in this role would be a drastic understatement, in fact from the minute he steps into scene it is absolutely forgotten that this man is an actor portraying another individual and not that specific individual himself. Eckhart boasts a truly well deserved resume, and this specific role will undoubtedly be one of his most notable references to date.

It would be easy to spend page after page giving this film the recognition that it deserves, there is nothing(in humble opinion) that could even come close to be considered a flaw in this apt and inspiring biopic. However, to keep the readers on the ropes and inspire the audience to make an evening of this film, we will summarize in saying that it truly doesn’t matter if you’re someone who holds a love for the sport of Boxing in your heart or not, the fact remains that this film shows the true grit that is manifested on the spirit of someone who simply will not take the down-turns handed to them by the world. This is the inspiring and motivating tale of heart, glory, and the exact desire to fight against all odds that everyone in life feels burning within their own soul at some point in life.

Watch it, talk about it, remember it.

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