“Bethany” – A Film Review

“Bethany” – A Film Review

“Bethany” is the story of a young married couple who shortly after inheriting the wife’s childhood home and decide to move into the estate, become tangled in a distorted illusion that threatens to manipulate their present with false realities and horrific memories of a past that have been concealed for many years.

Stefanie Estes stars in this twisted and psychologically corrupting story as Claire, a woman who abandoned her childhood home and in turn abandoned the mysteries concealed within by her vain and mentally abusive mother, Susan, as portrayed by “Beverly Hills 90210” alum, Shannen Doherty.

Co-staring as Claire’s husband, Aaron, is non-other than horror veteran and long time actor, Zack Ward. In true “Ward” fashion this was a welcome addition to his growing resume and another job well done.

Apart from the normal “funny-man” routine we have become accustomed to, Tom Green joins the cast for this off the wall thrill ride. Assuming the role of the couple’s marriage counselor, Dr. Brown, Green strays from his zany antics and off-the-cuff persona to develop a rather sophisticated and surprising role which leaves one craving more from this serious side of him.

Truth be told, the film has a few minor flaws that are not “deal-breakers” but certainly cannot go unmentioned. The animation was not as strong as it needed to be, the imaging in the digital work suffered from rather unflattering lighting techniques and it unfortunately just didn’t hold up against the true-tones. The story didn’t quite come together as a complete picture, there were subtleties that clearly required more foreshadowing and the viewer is left scratching their head and wondering if they’ve missed something along the way.

However, all things considered, this is certainly a “win” for Writer/Director, ,James Cullen Bressack and Writer, Zack Ward. Dark, gritty, and compelling, just as a film of this caliber deserves and is intended to be.

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