Best U2 Performance Ever!!

U2 Fucking Sucks!!!!!! There I said it. I probably just pissed some old people off but I can’t care. They suck ok. Bono is the biggest douche the world has ever seen. And I know you are thinking “but Razar he does so much for charity” NO!! Bono once bought a first class plane ticket for his hat…his FUCKING HAT!!! That is the epitome of douchebaggery. I hope he chokes to death on his pretentious douchebag glasses.

Where was I??? Oh yeah best performance ever. Anyways this is by far the best U2 performance of all time mainly because not a single member of U2 has anything to do with it.

Jimmy Fallon and The Roots performed Desire by U2 and it was fucking awesome. I honestly can’t figure out how Jimmy is so good at musical impressions. Anyways  check it out and oh yeah Bono is a Douche.

Seriously he is the biggest Douche ever.