Battlefield 1 Excitement Grows (in my pants)

So recently Fear and I have gotten back into video games. We both have an Xbox One and have been playing some Madden, some GTA Online and even some Rocket League. All great games but honestly its something we have all had before (except Rocket League whoever came up with that must have been high as fuck). I personally have grown very tired with Call of Duty on both the previous generation of game consoles and the current generation (we get it asians will kill us all). There constant move to future tech and space just seems ridiculous to me. If I wanted to play a future space shooter I would play Halo or Gears of War. And it seems like Battlefield was going the same direction. Battlefield 4 was a modern shooter with modern weaponry where else can they go but the future. But then EA and Dice did something different they decided to go back. Back to the very beginning of global conflict.

This was the first glimpse we got of Battlefield 1 and immediately I was all in. We have had a lot of WW2 shooters but I can’t think of any triple A studio doing a WW1 shooter ever. We also haven’t had a good WW2 shooter since Call of Duty: World At War which was 8 fucking years ago.

Both Fear and I were lucky to get to be a part of the open beta earlier this month and it was incredible. From the sound of the tanks and weapons to the ever changing weather. You could go 3 matches with a sniper rifle and in the 4th match a sandstorm would kick up making your sniper rifle useless. With the open beta only 1 map was included and I still played nothing but this game for the 5 days it was available. Both Fear and I were over level 15 before the beta ended. I was still incredibly excited for this game but it did leave me wondering…

Would the single player campaign be great or will it be an afterthought?

It certainly doesn’t look like they are treating it like an afterthought. Seriously EA just shut up and take my fucking money.

Both Fear and I will be playing the shit out of this when it comes out on October 21st. If you are on Xbox Live and wanna game with us hit us up our gamertags are TheFearAgenda & Razarback Rebel.

Stay tuned for our video review and more from FYFC.