Keeping with the nature theme I came across a couple really sweet videos having to do with ants. I have often (I know I’m crazy) sat and watched ants. They are fascinating. They way they work together, the things they can lift.. wild.

So the first video is a time lapse of a dead gecko that in a couple hours ants strip down to bone. Now watching it made my skin crawl a bit… just thinking about being covered in them.

The next video is something a little different. It’s a fire ant colony being cast in Molten Aluminum. There are a few videos of this being down around the net and some folks are in an uproar that “it’s killing ants unnecessarily”. You be the judge. But it happened, so lets talk about it. Politics aside I think the end result is amazing. Being able to see what these little guys can do is simply crazy!

And this one shows that if you try to drown fire ants they will interlock and become a raft? I think I need to get off YouTube I have clearly fallen down the rabbit hole.