Anaconda Eats man!

No that’s not the name of my new band. Although… No that is exactly where the Discovery Channel is going in December. Paul Rosolie a writer/filmmaker/naturalist has decided to let an anaconda eat him alive. He has built “snake proof” armour that is going to help him survive.

Now, this is fucking stupid. For MANY reasons. Number 1, how is this going to work? The snake gets him in his belly… the “snake proof” armour will not block the stomach acid or the crushing power. So how does he get out? Someone will have to pull him out? He has to wait to be digested? How is this not animal abuse??

What the hell is wrong with the Discovery Channel? They have become a total joke. Remember when channels like A&E, Discovery, and The Learning Channel (TLC) were about actual learning? Not about garbage TV. I’m sorry, but I hope this dude is killed by the snake. Leave nature alone asshole. You are supposed to be a naturalist!