“American Mummy” – A Film Review

“American Mummy” – A Film Review

Throughout the years the horror genre has been the epitome of folklore, from Vampires, Werewolves, Frankenstein’s Monster, and so on. One specific member of the ghastly ensemble of ghouls and goblins that will always hold a unique and profound place in history is of course the Mummy, because this practice of fossilizing and preserving the deceased is an actual account of human ritual that was practiced for countless centuries, and some still believe it is practiced to this very day in lesser highlighted corners of the world.

“American Mummy” is the story of a group of college students, and a random Russian “Paleontologist?”, who uncover the mummified remains of an ancient Aztec Lord buried deep in the heart of the New Mexican desert. While the majority of the team are there to study and, realistically, profit off of their discovery, two of the students have a much more sinister plot in mind as they perform an ancient ritual to restore the once feared sun god to her former glory, and allow her an opportunity to once again feast on the souls of the living and spread her reign of terror across the world once more.

Writer/Director Charles Pinion, and Co-Writer/Supporting Actor Greg Salman really played hard ball with this film, mostly because it’s incredibly difficult(and almost too farfetched) to place an iconic creature like the Mummy, with it’s devastatingly strong Egyptian(and lesser known, Aztec) roots, smack dab in the middle of an American desert. Additionally, to have this a group of college students be the first to discover the remains, especially with the absolute wealth of information they immediately have about it, it begs logic to dictate that a more renowned and better funded group of paleontologists would have long discovered this as one of America’s great reveals. However, this is what film is all about, isn’t it? Breaking through the logistics of reality and pulling the audience into a story.

The film stars Suziey Block(Entrance, Horror Show) as Professor Jensen, Aidan Bristow(Criminal Minds, Bones) as Max, Rudy Marques(Criminal Minds, Supergirl) as Jose, Jennifer June Ross(The Bunnyman Massacre) as Becca, along with a supporting cast that all deserve the same acclaim as the previously mentioned team members.

To keep it simple, this film was certainly not sharp as a razor, HOWEVER, the attention to detail in the gore aspect alone was enough to win over even the roughest critics of the genre. The blood, the vomit, the guts, the cuts.. So amazingly well done. One could certainly show this to friends and make it a debatable discussion , or hell, even a drinking game with enough creativity.

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