American Horror Story: Freak Show teasers!

Hey misfits,

As you know I am insanely pumped for the new season to start. And there are some fantastic little teasers for the upcoming season of American Horror Story on their youtube account here. I was going to embed some vids but there are so many, and you should be subbed to this channel already anyway! Also on the last Fearcast I mentioned a teaser, that it turned out to be a really good fan made one! Good for them!

I can’t wait, I have loved this series since the first season. The ideas and story lines have been fucking fantastic. I won’t lie the second season through me for a loop and I have been thinking I should go back and re-visit it. Cuz the first and third were some of the best horror TV I have ever seen. Check out the vids and comment below. Let me know what your feelings are with the series. Are you stoked? Did they lose you somewhere along the way?

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