“All Cheerleaders Die” – A Film Review

Name: All Cheerleaders Die (2013)
Genre: Fantasy, Horror
Rating: 7/10
Website: Facebook

TAG LINE : “You can’t kill their spirit”




PLOT : A rebel girl signs up a group of cheerleaders to help her take down the captain of their high school football team, but a supernatural turn of events thrusts the girls into a different battle.

MY TAKE : This is honestly a really fun movie. For me it’s like equal parts The Craft, Bring it On and Can’t Hardly Wait. There’s even a dose of Freaky Friday. With a stunning cast of cheerleaders kissing, drinking and playing with each other what else do you need?? I might have been ok with the original premise of Caitlin Stasey‘s character Maddy ruining the life of Tom Williamson‘s character Terry for betraying her friend. But that’s when this movie changes from a high school revenge style film into a supernatural whirlwind. The girls get run off the road and die. Their witch friend bring them back from the dead with some special Wicca stones. 

OK… now here’s where I start to sway. I’m down with bringing them back from the dead. We learn they are connected when it comes time to feed, and apparently if one has sex they all have orgasms. And can they shoot the stones out of them and they return? Or was that a one time deal because she was cumming? Later on when a stone is removed the girl dies… So how would that be controlled? OK, I’ll let that go. Let’s talk about how stupid the football players are. Friends start coming up dead, these guys figure out it’s the girls, steal the stones, and don’t call the cops. Wait, I was just thinking, they have super human strength and drink blood? Maybe they are Vampires… yeah they are Vampires. 

I get it, you shouldn’t question fantasy movies, that’s why they are fantasy. Tom Williamson does a fantastic job of making you hate him through the entire movie. He is a true villain… shit, they don’t have fangs, they can’t be Vampires. Is it a more stones you have inside you the more powerful you are? Sorry I just have so many questions, and the ending, I’m just not sure. And there is a reason for that, this is only part one.

The way I gauge any movie I review is simple… would I watch it again? Yes! I’ve already watched it again while I wrote this. Can’t wait to see if they make part two. Check it out!

… Run along kiddies …



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