A Cure for Wellness – A Film Review

A Cure for Wellness – A Film Review

The Thriller/Suspense genre is ambiguous at best, full of arts and crafts from around the globe and resonating in the hearts of millions as a raw canvas on which certain expressions take shape. Once in a while the world is blessed with a masterfully crafted piece of cinematic gold that may take a second viewing in order to appreciate it’s full potential, but is assuredly worth the double-glance,

Enter 2016’s “A Cure for Wellness”, written by Justin Haythe and directed by Gore Verbinsky. This picture is breathtaking to say the very least. It boasts the classic “Island of Dr. Moreau” style structure, with playful usage of the genre’s typical ingredients but used in precise measurement, such as violence, incest, cults, and a dash of “Who done it?”.. Not to mention the cinematography in this film is Oscar worthy, to put it incredibly mildly.

Dane DeHaan(The Amazing Spiderman 1 & 2) takes the helm in this picture as a young and ambitious corporate executive who must venture to a remote “spa” hidden deep withing the Swiss Alps to retrieve the CEO of his corporation and return him home before the board of executives take matters into their own hands by any means necessary.

Initially DeHaan appears to be too young to play the roll, he does a fine job but it felt as if the character was designed for someone with a little more wear on their tires, however as the story progresses it becomes incredibly obvious why he was chosen, and why he was the perfect choice for the role. Top shelf performance, sir. Thank you.

Jason Isaacs(Harry Potter Franchise) leads alongside as the story’s antagonist, and antagonize he does. It appears to have been a cut and paste roll for Isaacs, as the dark, brooding, and ever so misleading leader of the spa, however he was able to provide the depth required to break new ground on a tired format, while still finding a sense of mortality that forces the audience to feel his emotion, almost forcing the audiences to sympathies for him, which is no easy task for a villain.

Mia Goth(Everest) graces the set as “leading lady”, Hannah. Goth portrays a confused, emotional influenced, and submissive patient who’s ability to find the beauty in the darkness creates a sorted and adolescent love affair with the protagonist. Delicate motions, artful use of practical emotions, and a present free spirit work in harmony for Goth as she pulls the audience into her story. Well done, young lady.

From curtain up to curtain down this picture is fantastic. It’s gripping, enticing, and absolutely gorgeous. Whether it’s a first viewing or a fifth re-watch, this is the type of film that begs one resolve, in a world this beautiful nobody leaves. Why would they want to?

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