A bigger hole? No thanks… I'm talking about golf you sickos…well…

Now I don’t play golf. Not that I wouldn’t just don’t own clubs, or have anyone that wants to take me out. I’d play, but I would probably do more drinking then golfin, but I’m in. I have played and not been too bad. At no point have I ever thought “you know what. This would be way better if the hole was way bigger.” I have never said that about ANYTHING. Ah, thank you.

So what’s going down is in Canada and USA some golf courses are going from the standard 4¼ inch around hole into a 8 inch, and in some cases a 15 inch around hole. Are you kidding me? That’s like a dinner plate! A standard basketball hoop is 18 inches. That’s not that far off!

The reason? Apparently people are not playing golf anymore. The industry has lost around 5 million players in the past few years. So now they are struggling to figure out how to get people back. The golf golden age has just become that. The folks that have been die hard golfers are aging and dying off. It’s the new age that isn’t picking up clubs. We live in a computer day of age, and an age where we are constantly trying make things easier. We are raising children with “participation awards” and not showing them tougher sides of sports. Back in the day if you were not good, you didn’t win awards, and so on. So here is a sport that can be so fucking frustrating, that kids simply say “fuck this!”

But I don’t see making holes bigger as being the way to get people interested. I think I would be more interested in the sport of golf if it was less fucking expensive! Make the clubs cheaper, make the costs associated with it cheaper. That will get people out more. If you make it more affordable people will play. Changing the GAME itself, isn’t the answer. And that’s coming from a non golfer.

Let me know what you think below. Maybe I’m way off base.