FYFCast 120 – Sex Monsters

In this Episode…..

  • Strap in, everyone you love, in Hollywood, is a “SEX MONSTER”!
  • We talk about how consent works now and in the future!
  • Fear asks the question on Facebook & Twitter: “What offends you?”
  • Razar brings up how he is now trans-racial?
  • MDI manages to break the only toe she’s never broken before?
  • And as always we conclude with Fear’s Five. 

Fear’s Five!

— What food is better the next day?
— What classic song is widely accepted, but terribly inappropriate?
— Favourite animated show?
— Which cartoons have made you cry?
— Crushed velvet is back in style. What else would you like to see make a comeback from the ’90’s?

Music Featured in this episode:

1) King Dylan – FYFCast Theme
2) AC/DC – Thunderstruck
3) Winger – Seventeen




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