5 victims in Brentwood stabbing, NW Calgary

We talked about this tonight on Lights Out Radio. It will be up on Monday, but I wanted to post something about the worst mass killing in Calgary’s history. I have only been in Calgary 5+ years but I have really come to consider it home. So when I heard about such a senseless tragedy it really gave me a heavy heart. You can get the deets from Global, but short version is:

– A 22 year old, killed 5 other young folks with a knife at a house party on Tuesday night
– He is the son of a Calgary police veteran that has been with the force 33 years.
– The murderer has his bachelor of science & psychology degree and was set to start Law school this fall.
– They still have no idea why this happened. There is so far no connection between the 5 victims and the murderer
– There has been mention about possible mental illness, but everything is still up in the air.

Very terrible. From the FYFC Crew, our thoughts and hearts go out to everyone that is or has been effected by this tragic event. Hopefully one day there will be peace.