5 Days Left to Buy Some Sweet Gear!!

Hey all you sexy people!! We have made our T-Shirt goal of 10! So without any unforeseen BS we should be getting our shirts! With that said we still need 7 more Tanks for them to get printed. If you know someone that might want one, make sure you pass it along. ONLY 5 DAYS LEFT!! Reserve yours before they are GONE!! This will be the only shirts for the summer. We might do a hoodie campaign for the fall/winter season. Don’t wait. Remember, whoever gets a shirt will also get a care package from us as well as you will become a model for our site! Pass this post on for, spread the word!





For those of you that have reserved, thank you so, so much! We aren’t making any money on this, it’s simply a way to get our brand out there. It means a lot for the love and support. Having friends, family and fans like you guys is unreal. You folks are fucking amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you!