2017 is HERE!!

Whats going on kiddies! We have had a couple of weeks off for the holidays and it’s time to bang the rust off and get this machine moving again! Like we’ve said on the podcasts, we have some really amazing guests lined up. I can’t wait to be able to share it with you! Is there anything you would like to cover on the podcasts? Certain guests we should get? Always reach out on any social media platform.

We are also working on other creative outlets for our Patreon and Youtube channel. If I can get the lighting to work here up north, (yes I’m building a studio in my room lol) I’m going to start doing more YouTube videos. I have an idea for a quick review show. Once that gets rolling I want to do more. Razar is starting to look at some possible animation programs! If we can make that work it opens up a whole new world. Especially for us to offer our loyal Patreon supporters. 

Just like the past two years, we just want to keep growing and finding new ways to entertain you amazing people. We are going to start working on getting some more merch, I’m still floored with how fast our hats sold. Thanks to everyone that supports us and a special thank you to the ones that have been here since the beginning. You are fucking amazing!

BRING ON 2017!!