Trailer: “Power Rangers”

I was HUGE into Power Rangers when I was a kid. I had all the toys and I played with them for hours on end. I watched pretty much every episode from the first 2 series multiple times and I loved them I thought they were the greatest show ever.

But a few years ago I sat down with my niece and nephew and I was gonna watch Power Rangers with them because it was awesome and they were going to love it. After the first episode I realized Power Rangers was not a great show, Power Rangers was not even a good show in fact it was awful.

I think thats why I am so torn about this movie. The online trolls are screaming that hollywood is destroying their childhoods and it does seem wrong, they have changed the origin (aliens?), they changed Zordon(pixel art?), Alpha 5 is an alien and not a robot WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON??? 

But if you think hollywood is destroying your childhood go back and watch Power Rangers now, it is so bad. Its full of cheesy puns, the fight scenes are horrible, the acting is so bad it borders on exquisite and it has huge continuity errors. . So why not change it up a little bit we all know hollywood is completely out of ideas all they can do is remake 80s and 90s shows and movies and hope the nostalgia of it sells some tickets.

Will I go see it? Not a chance. Will I watch it on Netflix in 6-10 months? Maybe.