FYFCast 124 – Septembryo

The FYFC Crew (MDIFear & Razar) have the wonderful opportunity of sitting down with Michael 8 to talk about Septembryo, dreams, play some games & so much more! 

In this Episode…..

  • Tyrannosaurs-Wrecks… Rex destroys the studio.
  • Friends Don’t Lie – Stranger Things
  • Before the internet told us everything sucked
  • About Septembryo
  • Synchronicity dreaming / dreams
  • Fear’s spider phobia
  • What the hell was Grimace?
  • Middle of the night defences!
  • Taking Septembryo from band to book!
  • Everyone go check out www.radpencils.com
  • Moments over accomplishment, how humans work…
  • What’s next for Michael 8 & Septembryo?
  • We play a round of #FYFCJams
  • And we close out the show with Fear’s 5

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Fear’s Five:

— What movie have you re-watched the most?
— What’s the single most badass scene from a movie or TV show?
— What could you say at a drive thru, that you couldn’t on a first date?
— What fictional character’s death had the biggest impact on you?
— What kind of things would an inconvenience store sell?

Music Featured in this episode:

1) King Dylan – FYFCast Theme
2) Septembryo – Friends Don’t Lie (Stranger Things)
3) Septembryo – I Want to Believe (X-Files Theme)

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