FEARCast 89 – Zach Green

FEAR gets to chat with one of his favourite producers, Zach Green!


In this episode we talk about:
– How Fatal Pictures came to be
– Packing more into a 15 min movie than most feature films
– Let’s talk about Worm
– How amazing is Robert Nolan
– Richard Powell is a brilliant writer. 
– Heir picks up its 6th award, should be on iTunes soon, Familiar is already on there.
– Hollywood is concerned about money, but the real shit is in the Independent circuit
– We love It Follows, even though FEARCastJ didn’t
– Heir is absolutely haunting, Fear has watched it 5-7 times already
– The Boxcutter Trilogy – Kickstarter
– Dropping hints about a new film…
– A feature film based on Worm!
– The next short, is going to be the shortest… 3-5 mins!
– Getting their feet wet, learn everything they can, thing bring on the FEATURE!
– Canadian talent unite! Because no studios care lol
– Crowdfunding has been extremely helpful in Canada
– Good films get recognized.
– We take in content differently now, these movies look WAY better on the big screen
– The people who need to STFU when watching films
– The passion of film, it’s not like work, it takes everything
– Zach had a lot of passion for editing, can’t wait to get back into it!
– The box covers in the horror section, eating popcorn at the Jumbo video!
– The kids in film school right now, they probably have no idea of that joy
– The red camera will look good, but it’s not 35mm
– Making sure if everything is good, Zach can’t breath until then
– Working with so many great people
– Zach starts tossing out some shout outs!
– Fear’s dream to one day make Adam Carolla money! 

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Music Featured in this episode:

1) Our Last Enemy – FEARCast Theme
2) Sworn to Secrecy – Tie A Rope

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