FEARCast 112 – Travis-T (Pt 2)

Fear sits down with Travis-T from This Freakin Show in this dramatic conclusion from last week!


    • Getting in your own head, just do the things!
    • Top 10 most popular Canadians… is Fear among them?
    • We chat about Box Office Beats and cover songs.
    • Leo Moracchioli has sick covers, check it out below.
    • Travis love him some Dry County country!
    • We create a new product: Uber, EH!
    • How Canadian’s talk… 
    • Travis wants Fear to go full Canadian for a full episode.
    • Back handed compliments, and what we hate!
    • Extremists on either side… are bad.
    • Canadian ISIS fighters… and then Fear becomes an extremist
    • All that and more!

 Music Featured in this episode:

1) Our Last Enemy – FEARCast Theme

 Bumpers Featured in this episode:

1) DroidsCanada


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