Internet Travels #1

January 17, 2015 Fear 0

Hey everyone, Your old pal Fear here just looking to shoot a little shit with ya. So the internet… that seems to be sticking around […]

Christmas Tuneage #5

December 23, 2014 Fear 0

Let’s hit on some of the big ones! Another hit from Home Alone: And another from Christmas Vacation: And this one is a fav of […]

Christmas Tuneage #4

December 22, 2014 Fear 0

I watch Michael BublĂ©’s Christmas specials every year. And they albums get played on repeat during the holidays. You have to give the man props, […]

Christmas Tuneage #3

December 22, 2014 Fear 0

Let’s keep the holiday spirit rolling! Let’s throw it back to the 90’s: If you thought that was some high pitched vocals check out this […]

Christmas Tuneage #2

December 21, 2014 Fear 0

Here are some more great Xmas tunes to get you into the holiday spirit!! Let’s start off with the main theme from one of the […]


December 21, 2014 Fear 0

All I’m saying is, how fast do you pedal when a giant bear is after you? Check the video: Now, you come up to that […]

DIME – 10 Years later

December 8, 2014 Fear 0

As my alarm went off this morning this is the song that was playing. A smile crept across my face before my eyes even opened. […]

Christmas is Coming

December 7, 2014 Fear 0

We have entered into the festive time of year! And I have some tuneage to get you in the mood. For this post we will […]

Shady XV is coming!

November 11, 2014 Fear 0

Holy shit. If you are a fan of hip-hop you have to watch this video that just come out on Eminem’s Vevo. There is a […]

Anaconda Eats man!

November 7, 2014 Fear 0

No that’s not the name of my new band. Although… No that is exactly where the Discovery Channel is going in December. Paul Rosolie a […]